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There are several options available for groups of teachers, buildings, districts, or home schooling clubs and tutors.

Take Any Textbook Page and Turn It Into a Technology Lesson

Math is more interactive when the students have tools in their hands that engage them in learning. The TI-73 Graphing Calculator is one such tool. Michele will demonstrate how one-dimensional textbook pages can turn into a multiple-modality lesson by beginning with the concrete and moving to technology to help bridge the abstract gap.

Graphing the Concrete

There is so much to be learned by graphing! A great way to start out is with a Human Bar Graph. From there, several survey questions will lead to other manipulatives that can be used as the “concrete” part of the graphing exercise. Moving on to technology allows the students to easily manipulate data or the display and make inferences about what they see.


Two hour session - $150
Half Day session - $250
Full Day session - $500